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HTMLWidget brings a widget engine for web-based widgets for native iOS widget onto your SpringBoard powered by HTML and JavaScript. If you’ve used xen html or frontboard tweak in the past then you’ll know the amazing things it can do; HTMLWidget behaves similarly to xen html but it instead has interactive widgets. You can create your own widgets with a little knowledge of HTML and JavaScript and deploy them onto a native iOS widget. You can add as many widgets as you want. 

Take a look at the YouTube video to demonstrate what HTMLWidget does if you aren’t sure about or are confused by certain elements.


Add a widget the same way as you do with a native iOS widget by using the widget picker when editing your SpringBoard then from the widget you can edit the widget to select which widgets you want to use.


HTMLWidget comes with an app where you can view all of your widgets and manage them.

Widget Settings

Each widgets have their own settings like xen html does with the Config.json, that allows you to customise your widgets and any changes you make will be reflected onto the widget.

Live Preview

From the app you can use a live preview to have a look on how the widget looks like from the widgets list.

Code Editor

The app comes with an in-built code editor so you can edit the widget files. There’s 50+ syntax themes with the code editor.


Developers or users can create their own widgets with the API. It’s relatively simple to use, if you’ve already got some widgets that you use with xen html then you can convert them to work with HTMLWidget and of course you will need to make some minor adjustments.


A huge thank you to AplAddict for contributing to the making of some of the pre-made widgets.

Important Note:

HTMLWidget is for jailbroken devices running iOS 14! When you've installed the deb, you will need to run UICache then respring your device again in order for the HTMLWidget to appear on native iOS widget picker.

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No refund for any digital product

Thank you for purchasing this tweak for jailbroken devices. Since it’s a digital good, there’s no refund for any digital products.

Last updated May 24, 2023

The HTMLWidget deb file will be available to download and install via package manager. HTMLWidget is for jailbroken devices.

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