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Have you ever had a moment where your trying to find a conversation with a friend or family member of yours in the messages app but have to scroll through your hundreds of different chats just to end up realising that you scrolled past it ages ago? Or have you ever thought that you wish you could organise your conversations more than just pinning them? And have you ever tried getting rid of all those conversations that you wish you couldn’t see but there’s so many it gets overwhelming fast? Then Squad is the right choice for you.

Floating button

Here you’ll be able to view all your groups. You can move the floating button from the centre or bottom right or left corner of your screen. You can also choose to lock it in that position 


You can separate all your conversations into different groups and you can blacklist the ones you don’t wish to see. And when you select a specific group you’ll only see the list of conversations in said group. You can customise each group to have a specific icon and overall accent colour.

Conversation selection 

When entering any chat of yours at the top of your screen you’ll see the chat you’re currently in, the one after it and the one before it. From there you can switch to the conversation before or after it and you can view the statistics of the current conversation which includes information like your call history with them, how many messages you have sent/received. (iOS 16 only)


You can set a wallpaper for each individual conversation. (iOS 16 only)

Group message

Using this function you can send a message to multiple chats at once

Quick Reply

You can set pre-made messages so if you're on the go or can't talk long all you have to do is choose one, click send and you're good to go! (iOS 16 only)

Important Note

Compatible with iOS 14 - 16 including the dopamine rootless jailbreak.

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No refund for any digital product

Thank you for purchasing this tweak for jailbroken devices. Since it’s a digital good, there’s no refund for any digital products.

Last updated May 24, 2023


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